how to uninstall programs on computer

How to uninstall programs on windows

However windows operating system comes with standard program uninstaller but it has limited options.

On the internet there are many paid and free programs available that claim to be an ultimate windows uninstaller for windows. They also claim that they can remove the last trace of program better compared with windows standard uninstaller.

The truth is that the requirement of an specific uninstaller arises rarely as windows being almost capable of removing such programs.

However built in windows uninstaller is a great way to remove a program which rarely gives you the data of that program that you want to remove. For an example the location of program, URL, registry etc. it is very important to know such info when you want to keep a track of its data or  when you want to be sure about the secret data of that program that may be still on the personal computer.

And there for there is a program which is best,

How to uninstall programs on windows


UninstallView was released by Nirsoft which is a portable tool. This tool collects all the information and data of all the applications on your system and displays them.

The biggest advantage of uninstallview is that it displays the large data of each application stored on your pc such as name, version, install date, registry time, install location, regular and quite uninstall strings, the about, help and update URLs, location file of installer, installer name, install size, language, uninstall registry key and much more.

That is how uninstallview tool keeps track of large data store on your pc very smartly and displays it in a table. Thus it is helpful to obtain all the information about any program you are having on your device.

This tool is completely free to use and the best things are that it needs only 0.2 MB space in your storage. The one more best thing about it that you don’t need to install it.

It works on any version of Windows, from XP to windows and it supports both 32 bit and 64 bit.

You can download it just by typing uninstallview on Google search bar so the next time whenever you want to uninstall or remove any program, you can try it.

How to uninstall programs in windows

When you open it on your pc it will so you all the installed applications list. You can use right click and click on uninstall selected software to uninstall the program you want.

See details about each program 

If you want to see the details about any program you want then use the right click on the program you want to know more about and select properties option.

Uninstall software on remote network


Using uninstallview you can’t just uninstall programs on your computer but also you can uninstall programs on the remote computers of network. But for doing this you will have to download PsExec which is very easy and simple.

Just download PsExec on google and keep it in the folder of uninstallview. When you launch uninstallview you will see remote uninstall option.

This is the most useful option for remote computer because the programs can be removed on a remote computer without displaying on the screen of remote computers.

For remote uninstall go to the Menu-options-advanced option

Now select here remote computer in load form

And finally, click on OK

Now all the installed programs of remote computer will be seen on your own computer screen and you can uninstall them using your own computer. But remember all you need is admin right of a remote computer.

That is how you can uninstall any program on windows you want which is completely free. It is very easy to do. I hope you found it helpful. If you face any trouble with uninstallview tool you can comment below or if you face any issue regarding uninstalling any program on your computer system you can also ask.

Thank you!