How to increase spin in coin master! Get 25000+ free spins

coin master unlimited spins

This article is specially written for all game lovers in which I am going to share some gaming tips which is, in fact, an answer for how to increase spin in coin master. This is a completely free trick to enjoy coin master game.

Before some days I was asked by my friends who also play coin master game that how I always get a lot of spins in coin master. So, I thought that why not to share my tips that all the game lovers get free coin master spins and enjoy coin master and decided to write an article so all of us can get lots of free spins.

Nowadays we all know that coin master is a very famous game and has beaten some other famous games and outranked them. The craze of coin master game is increasing day by day and that is just amazing. This game is known for its quality graphics overall use.

What is Coin master game!

Friends we all know that we build villages in coin master games by getting points or stars and those points or stars are made or earned by spinning the machine or slot machine.

You get 5 spins for every hour. You also can use inviting link or can also have points by watching ads. There is also option to use your real money to buy spins but it can be costly for you and we all know games are for fun and enjoyment and it is not good to use your real money when you can get coins for free using some tricks.

Today I will so you how to increase spin In coin master game. You will be able to get more than 25000 spins whenever you want.

Before we know tricks I want to tell you that you can compete with your friends using your facebook or connecting with facebook and that is good to have fun together. While others are busy in playing pubg game there are many lovers who are really enjoying coin master which is a peaceful and amazing game.

So, the question is can we get numerous spins? The internet is filled with solutions but honestly they are not working effectively but calm I will show you to get 25000 and more spins for free.

How to increase spin in coin master

Let’s follow all steps one by one.

If you are unable or face any problem then don’t worry I will show you video below.

We all know about cloning apps to clone our mobile apps and we will use one of them.


So, first of all install any clone app like parallel spaces or anyone that you want.

Now use cloning app and create 5 clone apps or coin master game apps so you can have 5 coin master apps please remember that you must clone your same coin master account or just use the same coin master game id or account for five coin master clone apps or simply just open same account in your all coin master game apps.


Remember now, you have to open all 5 coin master apps but in different tabs for all five. I mean open all the five coin master apps in different windows one by one. Remember you have 4 clone apps and 1 original coin master app. I suggest you to open the original app last after 4 apps.


Open first app and the screen will come up with reward and you will see claim button to get or collect spin but all you have to do is to not collect reward please be careful and remember you don’t have to collect spin and once event screen pops up then just spin the slot just once and open other coin master app without closing current app so keep the tab alive.


Now open the second clone app you will see the same you will see the reward button to collect spin but don’t collect them just let them be there and spin the slot once after event screen then open third clone app in new tab without closing recent one.
Step 5 once you open third clone app of coin master game just don’t claim reward and use slot spin once after event comes and let the current tap be open without closing.


open fourth clone app and do the same or repeat above steps.


Finally again open the fifth clone app of coin master, I hope you remember that I told you to open original clone app that you use to play and not among that 4 clone app. Once you open your fifth clone app this time click on claim and collect your reward you are all done and spin again as many time as you want and play the game. Now you can close all other 4 clone apps. That is how you can get 25000 and more coins.

This is really amazing legal trick that you can use to get free spin. If you can’t do this then see the video below.

How to increase spin in coin master?

I hope you like this trick this is 100% working and amazing trick now you don’t have to worry about coin master spins. You just got many spins and you can get more and more whenever you want by just repeating the same steps that we learned above.

If you face any trouble then please feel free and put a comment in comment section we will help you and we also have suggest you the video with same steps and you can learn from that video without any trouble.

Friends if you are using any tricks to increase coin master spins please let us know it will be very useful for other game lovers who want to know and want coin master spins.

Thank you! Let’s play coin master….