Free competition analysis tool: if you are looking to outrank your competitors on Google's first page then you must have some specific strategies to get started with and here I will so you the ways that will make you able to be among those top 10 competitors on Google's first page and you also will be able to achieve the very first position eventually if you invest your little more time and inspect  or examine those top scorers.

free competition analysis tool

To just be on the first page of Google and getting your place on 7th, 8th, or 10th position will not do more good for you and for that it is extremely required to be among top 3 search results on google.

Sorry, if it sounds strange but it has a reason. There are many sites ranking on first page for same keywords  get so less clicks compared to those which are on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place because these sites satisfy and provide all the needs that searchers are looking for and so there are less chances for them to click on other articles.

Therefore, getting the top position is the best way to get more traffic for your site or a blog which will also improve the overall SEO performance of a site.

Compare your website with competitors

To achieve your desired goal one should first examine his/her competitors on Google and must be aware of what they are doing to hold their top position.

Comparing your site with your competitors is a great way to beat them and outrank them.

But you must be wondering how to compare website with competitors? Well, there are many ways to do.

There are many great tools available right there like ahrefs, semrush etc.  these tools are accurate and helping but they are not free and cost buyers a lot.

Therefore,  many people can’t afford to buy them.
But there is a free competition analysis tool which can help you put an eye and spy on your competitors which will eventually make you able to outrank them.

best seo analysis tool

Free competition analysis tool

SEO Rambler is the best tool to do competitive analysis and research for your website.

This tool is the best to beat top 10 rankers on google’s first page. All you have to do is to understand their strategy.

This free online seo competition analysis tool doesn’t require any login and the best thing about this tool is that it focuses on the particular article or keyword that we want to rank for.

This works as free keyword competition analysis tool also.

How to use SEO Rambler ?

It is very simple to use seo rambler to analyse your competitors

Follow these simple steps,

1.      Enter your keyword and URL of article
2.    Examine the Rambler results
3.    Put the knowledge into action

Let’s, test the free competition analysis tool

Let’s enter  ‘ how to lose weight ‘ as a keyword
(note if you have not written your article then you can avoid article URL however, you can enter your site URL if you want)

seo  rambler

Select google as search engine and tap on ‘RAMBLE ON!’

seo rambler

And you will find all the results and competition analysis

You will find

·        Your top 10 ten competitors
·        Readability of articles
·        Word counts and unique words
·        Images
·        Outbound links
·        TF-IDF (the keyword relevancy across google’s first page)
·        DA and PA
·        Page speed

It will also suggest you the requirements to outrank first page and the top 3 pages below. It will show you how many words and unique words, readability, images, outbound links, keyword relevancy, DA-PA, and page speed you need to outrank first page or top 3 pages.

 The features and opportunities offered by SEO Rambler are the same that those paid tools offer. Thus, you can save your hard earned money by using SEO rambler.

Put knowledge into action

Now you got every important factor for your article and it is time for practicing it into your article creation.

After you get the SEO scores overview you can now start implementing to your site for improvements.

Seo rambler will help you find where are you lacking and overdoing it.

To rank our site or article SEO is required and there is no shortcut for SEO. You can’t achieve goals with only watching hundreds of video, courses or reading plenty of Seo articles. All you have to do is to practice it and put it into the action.

When you get free seo competition analysis tool like seo rambler your chances increase to rank higher on search engine so it is really important to take the work seriously for the results.

Everything is possible if you are consistent and targeting right things,

Before you use seo rambler I would like to recommend you to use proper keywords for your articles because keywords matter the most for your website. If they are proper then no one will be able to stop you from ranking your site.
Remember the three things whenever you create your new article.

1.      Find proper keywords
2.    Analyse the content of your competitors
3.    Create a better version of content

We should Always prefer quality over quantity but you should not forget quantity sometime improves quality and in blogging quantity in content length always and forever improves quality. Therefore, always create a lengthier content than your competitors. Creating 10x content make it extremely easy to reach larger audience.

However, don’t add inappropriate stuff to make it long because google is more smarter than us.

Free website competitor analysis tool are obviously less known as people usually don’t trust them but it is their biggest mistake and blogging doesn’t welcome these mistakes. Seo rambler is the best free competition analysis tool which is less known and highly accurate and honestly it helped my couple of sites ranked higher on google’s first page. If you are consistent and are ready to put your work and invest some time to analyse your competitors then you are doing everything right, it is far better to put all the hard work without any competition analysis.

And I am sure if you use this tool you will see results soon.
I hope you liked our article and it helped you, if you think it to be helpful please share it with others so everyone know about it and can be able to use this tool for their better rankings…

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