apps for women's safety in india

Apps for women’s Safety in india: Hello Guys, welcome back to our new article where we are going to show the best and top 15 apps for women’s safety in india.

Today the question of women’s safety is not just for india but all the countries in the world and is the most appropriate part of the movement that we know as women empowerment. As we all know women deserve the same things and the same amount of opportunity a men generally gets.

Before we know about those apps for women’s safety, it is important to know little bit about women empowerment.

What is women empowerment?

Women empowerment is strength of a woman where a woman is appropriate and able to take decisions by herself, those all decisions that are related to her life. By women empowerment we mean a woman to be someone that rises above from the bondages of family, relations, and society  to be the owner of her own choices and decisions she makes. To give rights to their personal freedom, thoughts and the rights to take decision is what should be women empowerment. There should be an environment where they can be able to go in any fields easily to develop themselves, family, society and their country.

To make the movement success there is one thing that matters the most and we all know it is the safety of women.

Now let’s find those apps and details for we are here today!

Top 15 apps for women’s safety in india! 

1. Damini

This is an amazing application for women’s safety, if you have this application then in a time of danger you can send messages through this app on registered numbers and very soon your GPS location will be send automatically. It does not just end here, after being active once this application starts automatically to capture the photos of location and send them to the registered numbers and also save all photos on the cloud.
Even if your phone gets switch off or broken, the photos, videos and call details still can extracted.
Size: 1.1 MB
Price: free

2. Circle of 6

This application was designed primarily for college going student girls but is useful for all women. In any situation with only a tap the message will be automatically sent to those you want to send to. This application is also available in hindi language and is easy to use.
Size 12 MB
Price: free

3. bSafe

Using this application you can send alerts to your family members and closest ones in any time of danger and any situation. All you have to do is to put the numbers of your family members and those who are close to you like your friends, best friends. With a single tap the alert will be send to them and also call will be sent together. You can share your GPS location by turning on the Risk mode.
Size: 5.9 MB
Price: free

4. Scream alarm!

The main thing about this application is that it is very simple to use and unique. This app screams louder. Finding any danger you can use scream that is generated from this application, it screams loud in women’s voice and you can easily make aware those who are around you.
Size: 951 KB
Price: free

5. SafetiPin

safetiPin is one of the finest applications for women’s safety. By this application people can get and give information about those arias which are not good for women. This app allows to share the photos of areas which are not good for women and can also rate this locations by photos. This app also helps you to be aware if any area is dangerous in day or night.
Size: 6.4 MB - 20.3 MB
Price: free

6. Smart Sehar Woman Safety shield Protection

Using this application photos can be taken and by taping the emergency buttons the captured photos goes automatically to the numbers with GPS location. If your phone is lost before you send the photos or any info then you don’t have to worry about in few seconds all the details will be sent. By the feature ‘Walk with me’ people can track your real time movements.

7. VithU: V Gumrah initiative

This app can be activated by pressing the power button of mobile phone. This application will send message alerts to registered numbers ‘I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location’ on every 2 minutes consecutively.

8. Suspects Registry-For Women

This app also tracks location and by pressing panic alarm button it sends recording of 1 minute and all the location details to registered numbers. By using the feature ‘Record any incident’ this app will upload automatically the location pics on facebook page of the application.

9. Pukar

This application sends alert messages to the already registered numbers with GPS location. To prevent anyone’s attention to the phone the application reduce the brightness of mobile and any sound.

10. women safety help totem SOS

Here you can select the mode based on the levels of danger. If you are safe you can select green color, this will send only the GPS locations to people you want to. By using red mode the call will be made to 100 number, your location will be sent to emergency numbers besides this the app will take photos and record audio on every 10 seconds.

11. Raksha

Without opening your app you will be able to send your location by just pressing volume button. If there is no internet connection on your mobile then still it will automatically dialed on 100 number and sms will be sent.

12. iGoSafety

This app will send the alerts to the numbers by just removing headphones or shaking your phone. It will send location, email and sms. It will send consecutively alerts unless you stop it. In every alert it will send location, street address and 30 sec recording.

13. Smart24×7

By panic alert this app also sends information with recording and photos. This can be sent to the police.

14. women safety secured

This app takes screams as signal of danger and sends location info to the numbers registered with.

15. women’s safety app

This app has ‘shake and alert’ feature, once turning on the app this will send information by just shaking the phone.