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How to earn money with Captcha Work: If you are an internet user having basic internet knowledge is a great way to make money online as there are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet.

And the Captcha work or Captcha entery job is one of the best ways among that numerous ways to earn bucks online.

If you want to make money solving Captchas it is important to have an Android, Laptop or PC with active internet connection. Using one of them device you can make money by solving captchas online.

All you have to do is to spend some time on your android or your computer screen. There are many people making nice amount of money with captcha work. There is no limit of time and you can solve captchas whenever you want and it will be great if you are a fast typer.

Friends to make money doing online captcha work we have discussed  Top 19 Captcha Entery Job Sites to Make 100$ Daily but before we take a look at those sites it is important to know what really a captcha is! And how we can make money with it.

What is a Captcha?

Do you know what is a Captcha? Don’t worry if you don’t know, we will tell you.

Whenever you make an account online you are given a picture with a box to fill with correct Characters or Numbers and that is called a captcha.

See an example of captcha below.

earn money solving captcha

How to make money with Captcha entery job?

First of all make an account in one of the top 19 captcha solving job sites.

After making an account just login into account with username and password.

Before you proceed please learn how to solve captcha and every site you register will teach you to do in the right way so read and follow all the instructions and suggestions carefully so you can save your earning.

You also can refer or invite your friends to make more extra money.
Make sure you have paypal account if you don’t have then make a new one.

Top 19 Captcha Entery Job Sites to Make 100$ Daily


The websites that pay you for solving captchas are given below and they are trusted and confirmed. You can find them on google and can make money easily working on them spending your time whenever you want.

·       Kibup: this site gives you 2$ for solving 1000 captchas.

·       Captchaa2Cash: this site is known for its instant payment.

·       Mars.doomDNS: this site is similar to captchaa2cash which is also trusted.

·       Mturk: this site is different from given above but is good and pays captcha solvers.

·       Protypers: verifying this site we came to decision that this site is a really genuine to start making money. You should join this site by signing up.

·       Megatypers: Megatypers also gives you money for inviting other friends or people and that makes it a great site to go with.

·       Microworkers: another site that pays real cash and known for easy payment.

·       KeyforCash: this website is also among the best sites on the internet.

·       Kolotibablo: believe me this site is my favourite and paying real cash for a long time which is really good. This site is genuine in use and comes with easy and instant payment process.

·       Lookandearn: is another site that pays you real cash.

·       FastTypers: has good review that proves it to be a paying site.

·       Goodearners: this site is very good and easy to use like these all sites.

·       TypeThat: many users believe this site as it is paying them nice amount of money.

·       QLinkGroup: this site is new and a real paying one.

·       TypeIt: this site gives you images to be solved and a good one worthy of trying.

·       PixProfit: is know for good rates that can help you make more money in little time.

·       CaptchaTypers: this site is another one to pay real cash. You must try it.

·       ShortTask: this site is different from all others mentioned here. Besides solving captcha this site also offers you copy paste work which is amazing way to make more extra money.

·       2Captcha: this site is good for any user because you don’t need any typing speed if you are using 2Captcha.

These are the top 19 captcha solving job sites that pays you money. Trying them all one by one will help you make huge money if you work seriously spending some time without giving up.

I feel it is not good to keep the work undone. Therefore, I have decided to discuss the 2 best sites of them which I am using personally and are great real sites trusted by many users. They are as below.

Kolotibablo is the best site to make money with online captcha work. You can make 300$-400$ every month just using simple site.

How to make money on Kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo is fast captcha loader where you can make from 0.5$ to 1.5$ on every 1000 captchas solved. But the best thing about kolotibablo is when you complete 100 captchas you will get 2% extra value and 5% more extra value on 1000 captchas completed.

There are 2 ways to make money on kolotibable. 1. You earn for solving captchas. 2. You earn when someone joins from your invitation.

Here you also earn 10% on every person joins from your invitation. If someone makes 10$ in a day then you will get 1$ from him.

Minimum payouts for user is just 1$ and that is easy to make. For payouts you must have a paypal account but you also can withdraw with payza and webmoney.

Now you don’t have to search on google for data entery job because kolotibable is the best option and the way you should start making money with.

you can sign up here kolotibablo.

Megatypers is the second best site for making money with captcha solving work. This site is paying you real and instant cash.

How to make money with megatypers?

Megatypers is paying real cash for a long time. The company was found in 2012 and still paying its users. Now you can make money sitting at home. You can easily make 200$ or more spending some hours daily every month.

This site offers free and paid services and both are the best you can go with both of them and you also can make money with free option without any investment.

Experienced typers are making 15000-18000 Rs. Monthly.
You can easily make from 0.45$ to 1.20$ for every 1000 captchas solved.

Like kolotibable this site too pays 10% for each referral so you can make money from your friends. The payment method is easy and there are multiple options available to payout your money.

You can payout your money with debit cards, bank checks, paypal, payza, webmoney, perfect money and western union.

Megatypers pays you every Monday once you reach 3$ automatically in your selected payment methods.

you can sign up here megatypers.


They are the Top 19 Captcha Entery Job Sites to Make 100$ Daily.
Hope this article helped you find the best captcha entry job sites. Now you can make 100$ daily using some sites.

The work you find on these site is easy to do all you need is to have a mobile or computer. By writing the proper captchas you can make extra money sitting at home.

There are thousands of ways to make money online but sometimes they can be fraud which never pay you your earning but using these sites we have discussed in this article will really help you earn a nice amount of money and you will be making 15000 Rs. Every month if you work with faith and determination.

Hope you like the article, please for more interesting articles visit us.
Thank you so much for being with us. God bless you, have a nice earning!