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7 Interesting mouse settings

In the form of an input device, a mouse is one of the best inventions of history. A mouse has made GUI ( Graphical User Interface) very easy and simple that people love it using more compared with the keyboard.

A mouse is an inevitable part of your computer that is why a user should know about using it with proper capability. But in fact, how many of us use the mouse with full limitations and capabilities?

Now the computer mouse is being used more and more and for most users, it is hard to control a computer with the only keyboard. Without any doubt to complete all the important tasks on the computer a keyboard is a necessary shortcut but the use of a mouse is easier.

The mouse can be a normal part of your computer but there are many things about the mouse that you don’t know.

Most of the computer users don’t take the full advantages of the mouse. They just use it for clicks and scrolling.

In reality, you are using your mouse very little compared with its capability. Because you don’t know how to adjust its settings according to your nature and are completely unaware of its tricks,

Below there are mouse settings tricks and secrets.

By using them you will be able to adjust the mouse according to your nature and can improve productivity.

To go to mouse settings in windows 7

Click on start and go to control panel
Click on hardware and sound
Click on a mouse under devices and printers

In windows 8.1 and windows 10

Type control panel in the search box and select control panel in the result list
Click on mouse.

Mouse settings and mouse Tricks 

1) Make your mouse left-handed

By default, Windows is configured for the right-hander. Index finger, which is easy to click on a mouse button is used to do left button clicks to which primary functions are connected. The middle finger is used to do right-clicks on the mouse and to it, secondary functions are connected.

But if you are a left-handed person then you can switch those mouse button functions, therefore, you can click the primary button with your index finger.

On the button, tab click on the “ switch primary and secondary buttons” or click on the check box.

Then click on apply and ok.

2) adjust double click speed if you are slow

Many users face issues double clicking as they fail to make double click in time. Especially beginners and old persons are quite slow in this game. In such situations you can increase time for double clicks.

To do this, move the double click slider at ‘slow’

And to check the speed you can click yellow folder icon.

3) Use clicklock to make dragging easier

We are all aware of dragging and dropping. It is not a new thing and almost we are using it daily to move our files and to select them.

When you have to move any item, then you have to drag it by long pressing the left button and if you leave the button between then you fail to do successfully.

But now for dragging you don’t have to keep pressing a button for a long time. Now you can keep locked click using clicklock feature.

Using clicklock all you have to do is to just long press on the item you want to move and leave the long press now swipe your mouse wherever you want and it will be moved without pressing it for a long time.

In button tab under clicklock you have to select clicklock checkbox. There is also an option in setting menu to set clicklock time.

This is an easy and comfortable way to drag any item without keep pressing button for a long time.

4) Enhance pointer precision while playing games

Your mouse pointer speed is always under operating system observation. When the speed is regular then there is no change can be seen. But when we increase the physical speed of a mouse then increases the speed of pointer too and you don’t have to move your mouse on mouse pad more.

Enhance pointer precision is mainly a mouse acceleration and it changes the sensitivity of mouse based on the rate you move your mouse. It calculates the speed of mouse and when it finds high speed then increases the DPI. Therefore, you get more control on pointer especially when you move the pointer on little path.

During playing the game you can disable the enhance pointer precision as this feature slows the mouse movements. By disabling the enhance pointer precision you get more control on your mouse during the game play. This improves the gaming experience.

Enhance pointer precision

In pointer option tab you can uncheck enhanced pointer precision and click on apply to begin it.

5) Automatically move the mouse pointer to the dialogue box in windows

If you have a large monitor or you are using laptop track pad then it is really hard to drag mouse to any dialogue box.

But here is a tip that you can take mouse pointer to default button instantly.

Snap to: this option comes automatically on the main button of any dialogue box of mouse pointer.
Select the pointer options tab

Check ‘automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box in snap to section.

Click on ‘automatically move pointer to the default button’

6) find your mouse pointer

Many users struggle to find mouse pointer on the screen especially when it is not in the motion. When we don’t use mouse pointer for some time we just forget it that where it is. In such situations to search mouse pointer we have to move the mouse.

But to find mouse pointer position you can use CTRL key instead of moving it.

After enabling settings when you press CTRL then mouse pointer almost for a second automatically highlights with target circle.

In pointer options tab check ‘show the location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key’ in visibility,

Next when you don’t find pointer then just press ctrl key and you will see pointer with animation.

7) Scroll faster or slower

When you scroll your mouse with default settings then it scrolls down or up with a distance of three lines generally. For some users, this can be slow.

Fortunately, now you can make your scroll button slow or fast if you want by going to settings.

There are two scrolling options in the wheel tab: vertical scrolling or horizontal scrolling. For faster scrolling, you can select numbers in vertical scrolling option.

These are the top 7 interesting mouse settings tricks that fewer people know about. We hope you like the article and have boosted your computer knowledge. Hope next time you will use your computer mouse in an elegant way of your own.

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