how to download whatsapp status, how to save whatsapp status

How to download whatsapp status.

Whatsapp is currently, a major social messaging and chatting app all around the world that people use to stay connected with each other easily. It doesn’t end here only as whatsapp has become multi-feature messaging app with its amazing feature. People join various group to chat with each other and for the latest news that they share there.

Now one can receive and send payment through whatsapp payment in their bank accounts.
We all know about whatsapp status. Whatsapp users generally update their status daily and watch their contacts’ whatsapp status.

When we see some interesting status we want to download but there is no option there on whatsapp to download whatsapp status so here we have to ways to download or save whatsapp status videos and pictures.

You can download whatsapp status using two methods. So let’s learn how to download whatsapp status without any app and with app. Just follow those below steps we have discussed.

How to download whatsapp status without using any app 



Turn your data connection on by taping on icon and open your whatsapp app.


Now you have to go to status option, select status and watch one of the status that you want to download in your mobile.


Now please open your file manager ( note: please use ES file folder)


Go to setting and then click on show the hidden files.


Go to whatsapp folder-media-statuses
(here you will see all your status)


Now just go ahead and copy or move that file in any other folder
Congratulations! You have downloaded your whatsapp status without using any app.

How to download whatsapp status using app



Open google play store and search for an app or download it from here status saver for whatsapp


Now open your whatsapp original app and watch any video that you want to download or want to save.


Open the app that you have downloaded from play store and you will find all the whatsapp contact status.


Now you can see download button on contact status click on download button and your desired whatsapp status will be downloaded in your device’s storage.

Congratulations! You have downloaded it successfully.

So these are two methods to download whatsapp status. You can download whatsapp status either using an app or without app.

I hope you have found this ways to be useful. However if you face any issue in the process then you can simply let us know using comment section below we will be happy to help you.

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