Full form of DCA| what is DCA

DCA in computer is a part-time 1-year diploma level computer course. DCA is taught in every state. If you want to acquire some computer skills then DCA is a better computer course for basic knowledge and it is, even more, better if you are just starting out the things. DCA involves computer basic skills and knowledge, online official work, documentation, DTP, typing, programming and internet basic related data information.

Full form of DCA is below

D-Diploma in

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This course can be six months or a year longer in duration, it is up to you that how quickly you can finish or complete the DCA course. Friends, you can take this course or apply for it whenever you finish your 12th or graduation. This course is projected by many colleges for extra computer knowledge for students of the college. The best thing about this course is that nowadays colleges complete in just 6 months and maximum a year and that is good for college students.

This course is specially designed for those who want to gain knowledge in computer application and who want to have a career in computer application. Students now can learn MS office, internet applications, operating system, HTML, database management system, C programming etc.

 DCA course Qualifications or requirements

Students must complete 12th for taking DCA course in computer. Students can join the course after graduation or post graduation too.

DCA course Fees

DCA fees are affordable compared with knowledge it provides, students will have to pay from 5000 to 20000, this is complete and enough expense.

 Opportunities after completing DCA course

After completing your DCA course friends, you can join any company as a computer operator, can also be an accountant in various company and there are also more options available for the job.

 Salary after DCA

Your salary can be different after you complete your DCA course in computer. It depends on the post you are working on. However, you can have ideas.

If you are an accountant you can earn from 50000 to more, if you become a web developer then you can easily have a salary of 2-3 lacs and more, and you can earn even bigger if you are a c++ developer, software developer etc.


What you will learn in DCA

  • C programming
  • Computer graphics
  • Management information system and DBMS
  • Ms office
  • Project management
  • Programming principles
  • Basics of operating systems and internet
  • System analysis and design
  • Financial accounting system etc.

This computer course is similar to the ADCA course, DCA is a good course for starters and you will learn some advanced knowledge from other courses after completing the DCA course. We hope you learned about DCA course and found the full form of DCA, we hope you take the right decision in your future and have a good career also.

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