ac blowing hot air, ac not cooling

If you are here to read this article then you are having probably some questions like why is my ac not blowing cold air?, Why is my ac blowing hot air?, why my air conditioner is not working?

Don’t worry if you have these questions. We will try to answer your question and help you get some solutions as may be you are doing some mistakes with your air conditioner and may be you are not careful in the maintenance of your air conditioner in some ways.

If your air conditioner blowing hot air then find these reasons and solve them. Please read carefully so you can easily can do some experiments with your air conditioner.

Whenever we buy something we just attach usefulness with it so with air conditioner too. We want better cooling from it and at least we want it to work well if whatever temperature be there. But when it doesn’t stand on our expectations and work well then we usually think to change or replace it. But we should know that there can be some technical faults in our air conditioner and there also can be some mistakes by us. if we have to find solutions then there is only solution and it is to know the reasons and once we know them it so easy to fix them.

Let’s know the reasons

Reasons for air conditioner blowing hot air,

1) High outdoor straight temperature or hotness

air conditioner blowing warm air

Air conditioner related complaints can be seen in full hot summer mostly as the air conditioner compressor is not working well. But why? Because, may be you have sifted your ac at the wrong location or place.

Usually ac takes hot air from your room only to give you cold air but can’t take hot air from outside and if you have placed your ac somewhere where outer light or hot rays of sun fall straight on it then it is the reason for your ac to not working well.

Maximum temperature for an ac is 43-48 degree and If it bears more temperature or hotness coming from outdoors then it may stop working well. However, today there are air conditioners that can tolerate 52-53 degree but not all.

Therefore, just place your ac somewhere that the straight hotness can’t fall on your ac straightly. Thus doing this you can solve the problem but remember if the reason is the same. However there can be other reasons too.

2) Smaller shaped Air conditioner

why my ac blowing hot air, my ac is not cooling

The main mistake is people think about budget and they buy smaller shaped air conditioner compared to their room’s shape. If you have a large room and you are using smaller shaped ac then it is clear why air conditioner is not blowing hot air. So, before buying an ac it really matters to look at its shape instead of its budget.

3) Ratings go down with age.

why my ac is not cooling

Old age doesn’t affect only human but affects devices also therefore, the ratings of an air conditioner go down with time. In other words it doesn’t work same as before or uses more electricity to blow cold air.

Thus by upgrading it you can solve your problem.


It is not technical fault always for an ac to not work well and there can be other reasons too. We should make sure if it is proper shaped ac or it is placed at right place. Therefore, find the reasons and fix those issues.

At least try to find reasons and apply the solutions mentioned above and if again you can’t fix it then comment below so we can try to find some more solutions.